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Our Intentional Relationship Supported Program is designed to build strong and healthy relationships. We understand the importance of healthy relationships and are committed to helping couples and individuals build and nurture them.

Our online relationship program six-week program includes weekly individual and couples sessions, designed to provide guidance and support as you unpack and address relationship issues.

With our six-week supported program supplements your in-person sessions, providing you with the resources you need to strengthen your bond with weekly individual and couples sessions.

Our therapists believe that every relationship deserves the chance to thrive and will guide and support you as you address core issues, providing you with the tools you need to cultivate and maintain a strong bond with your partner.

Contact us today for more information and to begin your journey toward a fulfilling relationship.


We all have a profound desire to be seen, heard and understood; vulnerability and allowing yourself to be seen is the access point to true connection.

  • Re-connection explores topics of vulnerability. Vulnerability is the access point to connectivity. Toxic-masculinity and toxic-femininity conditioning feed shame which inhibits connection.

  • Reconnection helps you to explore fearful and shame-provoking topics, alleviating discomfort and opening space for a deeper and more profound connection.

  • Connection helps you access and feel safe to discuss, explore and gain awareness about Yourself & Your partner's needs. 

couples therapy online
couples therapy online relationship counselling


Create a life and a love that enriches & enlivens you to become your greatest selves & to create the ultimate life & relationship together.

  • Re-new brings exploration to areas of your relationship which could do with a little revamp. Constant renewal of your intentions for the relationship and investment in one another offers your union a beginner’s mind, a "begin again" heart and a reinvestment into your life together.

  • You can have a relationship that enriches your soul, where you feel deeply understood and seen, and all the aspects of both of you are met, supported and loved

  • Renew brings you into the space of empowering yourselves and each other  to bring profound growth for your own growth and the evolution of the relationship.


Importance lies not in the fracture, but in the repair - and the growth that comes can enrich and profoundly strengthen your relationship.

Re-pair looks at unresolved conflict that lays dormant or active in the relationship. This is the opportunity to have big topics on the table which are usually no-go zone topics.


Over time in relationships, avoidance of difficult issues becomes a natural phenomenon. This set of questions bring topics to the table in a non-personal, objective manner, offering the opportunity to build deeper understanding of each other’s experiences and hopes for the future in a non-threatening way. 


By creating a safe space to enquire about tentative issues, resolution and repair can occur leaving your relationship feeling lighter, with more understanding and forgiveness, resulting in reunifying your bond. 


The relationship is rarely the real problem. It's our own wounds wanting to be healed which come to the surface through the relationship . When we learn to repair and become self loving and conscious as individuals, the relationship heals with us.

couples therapy online for relationship healing
Couples Therapy online program


6 Week Supported

Relationship Recovery. Program

Online program

Weekly Individual Sessions

Weekly Couples Session

24 hour Tex Message Support

Learn ~ Heal ~ Grow ~ Resource

This 6 Week Intensive Relationship Recovery Program in which you will learn to understand the root cause of your relationship issues, learn skills on how to regulate your emotions, communicate your needs & feelings, have conflict in healthy & constructive ways, rebuild connections & restore love in a way that your relationship brings you joy, growth, connection & meaning.


Also Included is: 12 Months Access to the Online Relationship Recovery Program


Love Me Again 

Relationship Recovery Game



Create Conscious Relationship By Becoming Conscious Individuals

Relationship changes come with ease when each individual is showing up as the most conscious and authentic version of themselves.
It is only through self-awareness and a loving relationship with self that one can have a truly constructive, inspiring and thriving relationship.  During your program will  explore and discover who you are and what stands in the way of you having the relationship that offers you both the balance and fulfilment you crave.


Learn to Fight; Safely and Effectively​

Conflict is an unavoidable and completely necessary part of life; for it is adversity that is the most powerful access point for evolution and growth. Doing the program won't magically bring an end to all of the fights in your relationship, but it will teach you how to fight well; like self-aware adults that love one another. Give up the tantrums, passive aggressive comments, harassment and stone-walling and skill yourself with self-soothing techniques, emotional regulation practices and communication skills that will have you navigating conflict like the integral adult that I know you want to be.


  • Understand each other's Biggest Triggers & Innermost Thoughts
    (seek to understand your own and your partners pain points & wounds)

  • How to PAUSE Breathe Stop and Regulate
    (in every moment you will choose to self calm and overcome strong emotions)

  • How To Respond Versus React with Respect
    (using your ability to respond you will disengage from conflict and only react as the greatest version of yourself)

  • Connect With Calm & Set Boundaries For Engagement
    (as you both practice engaging with calm, respect & put a stop to arguments)​​

The Art of Communication​

So many of us can talk, and yet so few of us understand the art of communication. The program will help you to develop a deep understanding about communication styles and the skills required to deliver your thoughts and feelings in a way in which you will be heard. Learn how to express your feelings and thoughts, as well as effective ways of sharing your needs and desires. We'll also cover the importance of active listening - because we all just want to be seen and heard, especially by our loved ones.​

  • How to listen deeply to understand versus just hearing
    (and have the intimate connection you are both seeking and deepen the friendship that leads to unconditional love)

  • How to truly say what you mean with softness & be heard
    (and make expressing yourself easy)

  • How to be physically present and available to build intimacy through actions & affection ... not just words
    (and show up for your partner when they need you most)

  • How to hold space for distress & turn it into beautiful moments of connection
    (and bring back the sweetness you both desire)



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Melissa H

I really can't recommend Kat highly enough! She not only helped me navigate through a time of my life that was deeply challenging, but equipped me with the tools that enable me to continue to thrive today. Her approach to therapy is so refreshing and translates to "real life". Her positive and compassionate style makes me feel at ease and inspired during every appointment. She is amazing and I have no hesitation recommending her!

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