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Find Yourself, become Intentional & Align to Self Love
Limitless Being ~ Limitless Possibilities
A Course in Self-Love

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A 6-day Retreat where you will delve into your relationship with self to discover your beauty, grace and wonder. We will work to liberate you from self-harm and self hatred to build a gentle, kind and intentional intimacy with self.

Through self-enquiry you will gain self-awareness which will uncover the path for you to walk in a more spacious, joyful and fulfilling experience with self and life.

Self-love and self-care are not occasional token gesture, but a way to live and love yourself limitlessly and profoundly. Learn Intentional Intimacy and connect to your limitless self through discovering your true self, knowing your true value, establishing intimacy with self and alignment to your divine self. Indulge yourself and dive into a journey of self exploration.

Find yourself.  Love yourself. Connect to yourself. Become Intentionally Intimate.

Develop a conscious relationship with self based on healing, growth, love and support.

There will be nothing in standing in your way, except you!

What are the
Intentional Intimacy Retreats?

Begin a journey of self-love with our Intentional Intimacy Retreats. Intentional Intimacy is all about cultivating a conscious, connected, and loving relationship with oneself.

Dive into the depths of self-discovery like never before, unravelling your beauty and magnificence. These retreats provide a sacred space for you to build self-awareness and create a union of self-love. Over 6 days, engage in self-discovery, creation, yoga, and meditation—all set in the peaceful surroundings of Bali, with the intention of fostering love, compassion, and kindness towards oneself while consciously aligning with self-love.

These retreats offer the perfect blend of truth, knowledge, playfulness, and growth. Envision learning how to connect with your authentic self beyond self-hatred, disconnection, and critical beliefs. Picture creating a relationship with yourself that is not only loving but also limitless.

Intentional Intimacy Retreats guide you into becoming the person you were always meant to be.

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Katrina will work with you to:

  • Listen within to your inner voice and connect to your true value.

  • Create a union with the your higher self so that you can connect to you passion and realise your dreams.

  • Discover the relationship between thoughts, feeling & words so that you can use language to cast spells and train your brain, moving from limiting beliefs to intentionally thinking and co-creation.

  • Learn the art of  focus, discipline and mastery of the mind so that you can place your attention intentionally.

  • Understand the mind & how Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) works to break past mental and emotional limitations.

  • Understand the Quantum Field & Resonance so that you can trust yourself,  connect to your bliss and follow that with faith and surrender until your realise and align to the life beyond your wildest dreams.

How the Intentional Intimacy Retreats are structured ...


  • Learn to Listen Within

  • Find your Value

  • Creating Union with the Real You



  • Understanding Your Thoughts & Feelings

  • Getting Real with Yourself

  • Coming Clean


  • Liberation from Limiting Beliefs

  • Internalising Worth with Values

  • Breaking Free to Be ME


  • Allowing Love

  • Prioritising Self

  • Be Grateful For You


  • Following your Bliss

  • Living and Feeling Limitless

  • Learning Trust

  • Surrendering with Faith


  • Being Loving to You

  • Contracts with Self

  • Practice and Repeat

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During your 7 day/6 night Intentional Intimacy Program, you will learn to connect to your true self, break through unconscious patterns that have your being overly critical to yourself, habitually people-pleasing or simply self hating. 


Each day you will explore your inner world, gently unpacking your thoughts, feelings and beliefs, to uncover your fears and unhealthy narratives. You will be guided through the practices that will liberate you to break free, opening you to self-love and self-intimacy.  

Daily yoga and meditation classes will connect you to the magic of the present moment and build an intimate union between you and your magnificent and loveable self. 

You will learn the mastery of honouring yourself, liberating yourself and becoming profoundly intimate with who you really are and how deserving you are of love, peace and ease. 

Other daily activities include massages, journaling, and quality time alone.



Immerse yourself in the transformative experience of our Bali Retreats, where the enchanting surroundings become a catalyst for unearthing boundless possibilities beyond sacrifice, lostness, and monotony.

This program is crafted to guide you towards genuine joy and wonder, leveraging the serene beauty of Bali to facilitate a profound connection with yourself. Begin a journey towards living consciously and connectedly, shaping a life that is intentional and aligned with your truth, magic, and self-love among the magical landscapes.

Reconnect and rediscover your love for self by becoming intimate and intentional with yourself in your life, and move from survive to thrive.

Embrace and embody the boundless love for yourself — Become the Limitless You,  the love of your life.


Good Intentions & Co products are simply instruments to be used to access your personal power; The Power of Choice, The Power of Change, The Power of Intention, The Power of Creation. By aligning your focus & attention towards your selected word of intention you begin to, quite simply, train your brain. By being mindful of the words you think and speak, you will begin to shift your language aligning your thoughts, emotions, & attention, empowering you to intentionally create what you desire, changing your life. 

Our Stickers are instruments to affirm and shift cognitive and energetic intent. The instruments keep you connected, committed and conscious of your words and their intention. The intention behind the creation of these stickers is that they are to be used as an instrument to bring awareness of the impact and influence that words have on our emotional, mental, physical & molecular reality.

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When I was lost and had no idea who I was, I did this course and it not only reminded me of who I was and what I wanted, it taught me how to live my best life and break free from the limitations I had created. I know how to make my dreams come true"


Your Intentional Intimacy Retreat is designed with the perfect combination of growth, relaxation, connection and recreation. Your program will include 6 days on the beautiful islands of Indonesia.

All Intentional Intimacy Retreats prices include: 

  • 6 Nights Accomodation at our Private, Seafront Retreat Space

  • Airport Transfers, Boat Transfers and Transport to/from Retreat

  • Nourishing, fresh food and beverages for breakfast, lunch. & dinner

  • 1:1 Psychotherapy Sessions with Katrina

  • Daily Psycho-Education & Mindfulness Workshops

  • All Workshop Materials

  • Yoga, Mindfulness, Intentional Movement & Meditation

  • Massage, Relaxations and other Recreational Activities

Don't miss out, spots are limited.

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transfers, and any other questions you may have.


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