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Mental Health Retreats Bali for wellness & healing

I gently work to untangle the pain, bringing clarity to the confusion, accessing the wisdom and truth which offers healing and change.

The key is to compassionately work with the issues and bring to the surface the aspects of you which requires healing and growth, creating a new way for you to relate and be in your world. 

relationship counselling & couples therapy

Navigating family challenges, overcoming infidelity and betrayal, maintaining intimacy and connection, growing through adversity and conflict are experiences we are all exposed to within relationships.

As an experienced & caring psychotherapist, I know how to help your relationships prosper, attending to repair and reconnect intimacy, trust, and bonds. I will work to support resolution, bring clarity and establish understanding so that your relationship can once again flourish and prosper with love and friendship.

drug & alcohol treatment & therapy bali retreat

Everything we do we do for a reason. Alcohol and drugs, alongside other maladaptive behaviours work to ease the discomfort of our pain. We use and abuse it because it works.


Avoidance of discomfort is at the core of our suffering. We all try to minimize pain and suffering. We avoid our unpleasant  feelings hoping they will simply go away. However by avoiding the emotions of suffering we stay trapped in our pain, medicating to soothe and unable to really address the root of the suffering preventing things from getting  better.

Together we will work to develop and build resources to heal and address what lays within, building emotional capacity and resilience creating freedom and empowerment beyond dependency.

anxiety & depression therapy & counselling

Depression and Anxiety are debilitating states of mind which rob you of the capacity for simple joy and connection to life.

We will work together to bring awareness to how your thoughts feed your suffering. By becoming aware you will be able to identify and connect to how your thoughts generate a destructive, disempowered and dysfunctional pattern feeding anxiety and depression. Working to know the beast you will be able to tame it and

become the master of your own domain.

self-love retreat bali mentoring & life skill therapy

Mentoring &
Motivational Life Skilling

Feeling lost and overwhelmed, consumed by doubt and fear, these are the issues we face as we traverse through life. Whether you are trying to find your path, accomplish goals or overcome obstacles, we will work to understand the blockages and fears which hold you back from finding your path and fulfilling your dreams.

Mentoring and Life Skill Therapy works to generate connection to the self, access motivation and establish clear steps in the direction of your ultimate business or personal success.

The key is to understand how your relationship with food plays into your need to control or avoid the discomfort of your emotions and pain. Compassionately we will unveil the struggling self and resource your true self to find awareness, empowerment and healing beyond the obsessive and destructive voice driving the behaviour. 

After years of working in this area I have developed an integrated approach which addresses the multilayered complexity of disordered eating. Together we will build resilience and capacity which will free you from the suffering experience.

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