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My mission at The Intentional Retreat is to provide a safe and welcoming environment for individuals to explore their mental and emotional well-being. Through our gentle and compassionate approach to psychotherapy, we help clients untangle pain, achieve clarity, and promote growth. We work closely with each individual to identify the issues that are holding them back in life, and act as a guide to help them

develop new ways of relating and being in the world.


At The Intentional Retreat, I believe that every person deserves to live their life to the fullest, free from the pain and confusion that can come with challenging experiences.

My psychotherapy services are designed to help you access your own wisdom and truth, leading to sustainable healing and change.

I approach every client with compassion and understanding, working together to unravel the issues blocking your progress in life.

katrina steel Psychotherapist Counsellor
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~ Personal Issues~ Depression & Anxiety

~ Struggling with Grief & Loss

~ Drugs & Alcohol Issues

~ Eating Disorders

~​ Overwhelming Emotion

~ Mindfulness & Wellbeing Issues

~ Lack of Motivation & Life Direction

I gently work to untangle pain, bring clarity to confusion, and access wisdom and truth which offers healing and change.

The key is to compassionately work with the issues and bring to the surface the aspects of you which require healing and growth, creating a new way for you to relate and be in your world. 


At The Intentional Retreat, I offer psychotherapy sessions designed to foster personal growth, reduce stress, and improve overall wellbeing. Whether you're struggling with grief, addiction, eating disorders, or a lack of direction,

I am here to help you.

By utilizing evidence-based techniques and a holistic approach, we aim to help you gain the necessary tools to heal and grow.

I am committed to helping you live a fulfilling life free from emotional and mental challenges.

katrina steel Psychotherapist & Counselling


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‘I had given up on traditional therapy until Katrina. But then there’s nothing much traditional about Kat, and that’s why she’s so effective! Using a combination of therapies she is able to get to the heart of an issue and help you see it in a new way, so you can move on from it. Every time I spoke to Kat I felt better, more motivated, and more hopeful, which was a revelation for me because I hadn’t felt hope for such a long time. And Kat achieved all of this in a much shorter timeframe than any therapist I had seen prior. So if you are really ready to move on from your ‘stuff’, if you are ready to live the life you deserve, then check your ego at the door and speak to Kat because I can’t recommend her highly enough.’

~ Vanessa 

‘She has this innate ability, this gift, to gently tease your deepest issues out of you, and then quickly assist you to fill those gaps with inspired thoughts, clarity and enthusiasm, and awaken you to a whole new world of being. Katrina is a truly inspired and gifted soul’ ~ Sky

If you’re ready, immerse yourself. Katrina Steel , revealer of love, light and truth. Assisting you to reconnect with what is, through understanding what is not’  ~ Renee

family therapy, couples therapy, wellbeing retreats, consious couples retreats, self love programs, limitless you programs  f

I came to see Katrina around 3 months ago after a relapse. After a very strong recommendation about Kat's no nonsense approach to accessing what is truly holding us back behind all the closed, often very dark doors I decided to go for it. After the very first session Kat was able to help me see and unlock what I had no idea was the very core of my restraints and pain. Something I thought I had looked at with other therapist's before but Kat went to a whole new dimension with compassion, empathy and a very direct line of sight to what lies benith. Through education Kat has helped me understand how to apply the right tools to my life situation and feel the true strength I have within. I am forever grateful for this ~ Grant

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