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Reignite Your Connection: Couples Retreat

Renew Your Relationship. Rediscover Each Other. Remember Why You Fell In Love. Open Yourself To Vulnerability.


Experience 5 nights enveloped in the serene beauty of The Point Nusa Lembongan and Ubud, Bali. Immerse yourselves in reigniting your connection and renewing your love. Limited to just 4 couples, this intimate retreat offers a journey to rediscover and reconnect.

Are you and your partner seeking to deepen your bond, rediscover your connection, and renew your relationship? We invite you to join our exclusive Renew Couples Retreat—a transformative experience designed to bring couples closer together through somatic, expressive and  couples therapies.


At our retreat, you'll:

Reconnect on a deeper level: Engage in activities that promote emotional intimacy and understanding.

Explore expressive therapies: Discover new ways to communicate and express yourselves through art, movement, and other creative modalities.

Heal and grow together: Address past wounds and build a stronger, more resilient relationship.

Relax in a beautiful setting: Enjoy the tranquility of our retreat location, providing the perfect backdrop for reflection and rejuvenation.


Our expert facilitators specialize in somatic therapy and  psychotherapy, ensuring a safe and nurturing environment for you to explore and enhance your relationship. Whether you're facing challenges or simply want to strengthen your bond, our retreat offers the tools and support you need to renew your love.


Spaces are limited to ensure a personalized experience.


Reserve your spot today and take the first step toward a deeper, more fulfilling connection with your partner.

couples therapy retreat bali
couples  retreat bali with counselling


Deepen Connection Retreat: 

Engage in this thought-provoking 5 day Retreat designed to foster deep emotional connection and understanding.

Real Intimacy & Connection:
- Develop shared goals and dreams.
- Plan for the future together.
- Create a shared vision for your relationship.

Physical Intimacy:
- Reconnect through touch and affection.
- Explore mutual desires.
- Create a comfortable space for physical connection.

Daily Acts of Love:
- Show appreciation and gratitude.
- Perform small acts of kindness.
- Make each other feel valued and cherished.

And so much more!

Our retreat is designed to help you rediscover, strengthen, and celebrate your relationship in a supportive and enriching environment.


5 Day Intensive Couples Retreat

Tailor-Made Private Couples Retreat

Daily Group Session

Intimacy & Bonding Activities

Daily Couples Therapy

Restoration ~ Meditation ~ Reconnection 

Learn ~ Heal ~ Grow ~ Love

Join our exclusive Bali retreat and experience the ultimate opportunity to deepen your connection and reignite your love. Our 5-day program is specifically designed for 4 intentional couples, offering group psychotherapy sessions, somatic and expressive therapy, and a range of resources to support your wellbeing and journey together. Enjoy yoga, massage, and other reconnecting recreational activities in a nurturing environment. Don't miss out on this life-changing experience - book your spot now and take the first towards a stronger, more fulfilling relationship.

The Group Program includes all sessions, accomodation & meals,

recreational/restorative activities,

transport to & from retreat,


Love Me Again 

Relationship Recovery Game

couples counselling retreats bali for couples therapy


couples therapy retreat bali with counselling
how to fix a broken marriage therapy

Sophie G & Andrew S

Kat you been an invaluable support and resource for my partner and I, individually and as a couple.

You have provided an environment that allows vulnerability and understanding, reflection and stillness, without fear of being misunderstood or misrepresented.

You have helped us to mediate the toughest of conversations which would usually otherwise be unsaid or unheard. It’s a relief to be able to work through conflict without it ending in an argument, simply because we didn’t have the tools to communicate what we were feeling.​

We've identified our behaviour patterns that cause strain and conflict in our relationship and ultimately in ourselves, and taught us tools to interrupt those unhelpful cycles.

reviews couples therapy rerteats in Bali by Intentional Retreats

Caitlin C

'Katrina cut to the core of our issues with her direct approach that enabled us to take radical responsibility for the issues in our relationship & gave us the skills to change its trajectory.


We are now free from the unhealthy behaviours that plagued us for so long.


She gave us the tools to save our relationship...'

Marriage & Family Therapy retreats Bali

Jen & Zach

'We were no longer talking, the trust was broken with cheating and lies, I was so anxious I could barely function and it was the end of the road. With 2 kids and no time together we were both done.

After our first session we sat on the beach reflecting and we were both like - what just happened! It was amazing.
It was such a relief and so refreshing for both felt 10 x lighter afterwards. 
Now we are in a really really good place.

We have so many tools and our relationship is better than ever before.'

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