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Welcome to Intentional Relationship Recovery Online Program - the ultimate solution for couples seeking to rekindle their relationship. Our six-week program is designed to help couples overcome any issues that have caused a breakdown in their relationship. This program dedicated to restoring relationships that have been affected by a variety of issues such as communication problems, mistrust, intimacy issues, betrayal, past hurt, and more.


Our program is designed to help couples rediscover their connection, renew their relationship, and work through any breakdowns or issues that have come up. The program covers all aspects of relationship recovery, including communication, intimacy, trust, and emotional connection. We provide a safe and supportive environment where couples can work through their challenges and learn how to create peace, harmony, and love in their relationship again. We invite you to take the first step towards healing your relationship by contacting us today.

Relationship Recovery  PROGRAM?

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couples therapy online for relationship recovery

~ The Process ~
The Relationship Recovery
Action Steps

​The Relationship Recovery Method empowers you to identify the root causes of your relationship breakdown, offering valuable insights and wisdom along the way. Through this process, you'll learn to consciously recreate and redefine your love for yourself, your life, and your relationship. 

The skills and insights gained during this journey extend beyond your romantic relationships, preparing you to navigate conscious connections with almost everyone you encounter in life. This lays the groundwork for engaging in our Relationship Game, Love Me Again. 

Start this life changing journey with us and discover the tools to create and sustain conscious, fulfilling relationships. Take the first step towards a healthier and more vibrant connection – start your Relationship Recovery today. 



Gain Self Awareness 

Understand Your Attachment Style

Build Awareness on Your Family 



Learn How to Navigate Conflict 

Understand Self Soothing 

Practice Regulation 

Learn Emotional Intelligence 

Manage Thoughts & Feelings 


Develop Relationship Awareness

Build Self Intimacy

Become Value Driven 



Use Healthy Communication

Respect & Hold Boundaries

Learn Holding Space in Adversity 



Understand the Inner Critic 

Circumnavigate Criticism Kindly 

Speak from a Space of Compassion



Fill Each Others Love Languages

Continually Grow in Love

Renew Agreements of Love 


​We begin with Rediscover, which is all about developing Self-Awareness; for greater than to love is to understand - and that begins with intimately understanding you. We’ll begin by exploring what matters to you, and what makes you, you. We’ll create a sense of Family Awareness which will offer you greater insight into where you have come from, and how your early life may be unconsciously driving you - thus contributing to the triggers you experience in your relationship. We’ll also explore Attachment Styles so to better understand how you relate to safety and security, and the way your attachment style influences the way you show up in relationship.

couples therapy online for relationship recovery
couples therapy online for marriage & relationship recovery


Reevaluate is about unpacking the structure of your relationship and exploring how the way you’ve set it up may contribute to the issues at present. After bringing the relationships and trauma of the past to the surface of your awareness, we can then create connections between then and issues that you are struggling with in this present moment. We’ll also explore and identify your core values, which are crucial to creating conscious awareness of self and developing a sense of depth, security and integrity in who you really are. When we develop our value system, we begin to create an intimacy with self that enriches us and our relationships and drives us from a space of integrity.


Repair is where we direct take our focus on the past, and turn it towards your inner world. The quality of the relationship that you have with yourself determines the quality of the relationship you have with others. By shining light upon and honestly examining your inner dialogue (which I’ll often refer to as the Inner Critic), you then further the development of your self-awareness which will serve to profoundly impact your relationship with your loved ones. We project our fears and insecurities onto those we love, but by healing and repairing our relationship with self we open ourselves to experiencing a safer and kinder love.

repairing relationships & couples therapy online for relationship recovery
couples therapy online for relationship recovery - reconnecting


Reconnect is where the magic really happens. The health of a relationship depends on your ability to navigate conflict and move from fracture to repair and growth. Adversity is the ground upon which we are offered the catharsis required for evolution and deepened connection within relationship. The centre around which all conflict revolves is an inability to regulate difficult and strong emotions. Reconnect teaches and skills you with self-soothing and regulations techniques, supporting the development of emotional intelligence and building upon your foundations for conscious growth and safe love.


Remember offers you the skillset required to have a mature, open, respectful and kind relationship where you feel seen, heard and loved. Remember is all about learning and understanding the foundations of healthy communication so that you can share your truth, your feelings, and your needs in an authentic way. You will also learn the value of boundaries, how to establish and maintain them, and how a lack thereof plays a huge role in relationship dysfunction.

We’ll also learn the art of Holding Space in times of stress and heartbreak; learning how to show up for your partner without reacting or personalising their experience, so that issues remain workable and you each feel truly cared for in times of need. This is where everything you’ve learned so far will pivot your relationship mentality from “surviving” to “thriving”.

couples therapy online for relationship recovery 'remember therapy'
renew  find each other in couples therapy online for relationship recovery


Renew is where you will be renewing your love for one another by consciously designing your relationship from a space of deep self-awareness, love and intention. You will learn about expanding the love in your relationship by understanding each other’s love language, offering a heightened opportunity for you to truly meet each others needs in a valuable way. The program is completed with the creation of New Agreements, which is are the vows and commitments of a consciously designed relationship, guided by the life-changing skills, insights and wisdom developed offered in the program that allow you the ability to actualise a profoundly beautiful vision for your life together.

family therapy & couples therapy online for relationship recovery

The Online
Relationship Recovery Program

  • 33 In-depth Classes 

  • Self-paced Learning Over a 12-Month Access Period 

  • Video Tutorials, Resource References, & Activity Worksheets 

  • Root-Cause Exploration for Healing and Growth 

  • Build Conscious, Connected & Healthy Relationships 


Learn – Heal – Grow – Resource 

This multi-layered online program is carefully crafted to empower you with the awareness and skills necessary to foster growth and healing in your relationships. The program's structure allows you to progress at your own pace, providing flexibility and ensuring a personalised learning experience. 

The program facilitates a profound exploration, enabling you to comprehend the underlying causes of hurt and build a foundation for conscious, connected, and healthy relationships. 

Begin your journey to relational well-being today with our Online Relationship Recovery Program. Learn, heal, grow, and resource your way to a more profound understanding of yourself and your relationships. 


Access The Online Program Now

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